Some best in India

Delhi, the capital

Dating in Dehli

>New Delhi is the capital of India since its independence; the city is located in the north of India and is surrounding by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana states. New Delhi is part of the union territory of Delhi, it has its own government.

Pondicherry, the most French city of India

Dating in Pondicherry

No other Indian city can claim to be French the way Pondicherry is. It is located on the east coast of India. It is one of the seven Indian Union Territories (Goa, Delhi …) in the heart of Tamil Nadu.

Mumbai, the city which never sleeps

Dating in Mumbai

Mumbai is the economic capital of India and the most important city in the country. Located in the West coast of India and state capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is the first commercial and industrial city in the country. It gathers more than 18 million inhabitants.

Bangalore, the Indian silicon valley

Dating in Bangalore

Bangalore, the worldwide IT city (nicknamed the "Indian silicon valley"), is a city located in Karnakata (south-east of India). The city has changed very quickly; the population ha incresed by 46,68% in 20 years. Today, it has more than 8 million inhabitants.

The Indies, the girls

Dating Indian girl

India is a giant who doesn’t need to be introduced any more: it is a multifaceted country with more than 1.22 billion inhabitants, 28 states (and 7 territories), 22 official languages, 5 religions. You got it, there isn’t one India, but several.

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